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We are a full custom shop: design, powder coating, aqua/dry blast, custom paint/graphics, hydrographics and vehicle detailing.

We can handle a multitude of different types of custom design jobs.

Light switch plates, cell phone cases, your favorite kitchen cutting knife.

Don't like the factory color?

Change it here at Hud On Earth CUSTOMS.

Custom Paint

We offer custom paint for most earthly objects. Plastidip colors, matte, high gloss, etc. We have been painting professionally since 2012.

Powder Coat

We offer powder coating in any color: we can color match to a specific color or start from scratch. There is an extra charge for stripping metal if necessary.

Glass Etching

We can etch glass or metal, hell even some plastics.

Metal Polishing / Aqua Blast /Sand Blast

Old rusty, dirty, metal? We can aqua-blast and/or sandblast to the perfect shine or dullness and bring it back to life.

Vehicle Detailing

We offer Car and Motorcycle detailing. We can fully detail any vehicle (Price varys) and offer a simple $20 wash as well.


We also offer small fiberglass repair, Popping locks, and some mechanical services.

Ask about our Rotisserie Chicken!

custom racing stripes Custom Vehicle Hydrographics Badges Custom Paint and  Powder Coating